Who are we?

For more than 30 years, GORGONE Productions has recorded the worlds of music, audiovisual, video games, relying on its passion and its know-how to promote encounters creative between sound and image. Created in 1985 by Eric GLEIZER, it was first of all a company of musical productions and editions ; very quickly, driven by the curiosity, dynamism and professionalism of its members, it opened up to multiple adventures and collaborations, building up a network of partners and colleagues in multiple fields: films, documentaries, series, video games, animation, sound identity and sound brand ... Throughout its history, the company has defended ways of doing things and values ​​that it considers essential: the love of music and a job well done, the choice of an artisanal approach that respects all stakeholders in the field, the importance attached to human contact and aesthetic bias. Today, on the strength of the expertise acquired thanks to our numerous achievements, the GORGONE Production team will be able to advise and guide you in the sound odyssey that awaits you, and ensure that your project, whatever it is , enjoys the sound and visual quality it deserves: the best.

Our premises, located in Old Lille close to the train stations, include two recording and post-production studios; we look forward to welcoming you there!
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