Whether you want to work digitally on Protools or analog 2" tape, record, edit sound, dub with Mosaic, mix up to 5.1, use 62 Neuman nuvistor microphones or Lexicon, Urei, KlarkTeknik, Dbx, Roland tape effects processors... Gorgone Studios and its team of technicians, production managers, artistic directors and rights managers welcome you in the center of Vieux Lille in 18th century walls with 21st century technology , 5' walk from Eurostar Station.

35 years of experience on all types of projects in records, film music, dubbing, commercials, with the best performers* of music or voice to generate emotion, to make hearts vibrate, to give your project the soul it deserves, for you and your audience, welcome here!

*Ahmad Mansour, Aiko Miyamoto, Anna LaCazio, BSC, Benoit Allemane, Leslie Bedos, Bernard Debreyne, Dick Annegarn, Jean Christophe Cheneval, Claude Piéplu, Les Clowns du Prato,  Sylvie Caspar, Franck Cardon, Dani & The Stranglers, Dora Lou, The Game, Hanuman Care Kit, Pascal Orient, Philippe Léotard, Philip Lester, Julien Lepers, Jules Rude, Jacky Delmone, Jache, Jacques Bonnaffé, La Fouine, Marie Atger, Hughes Martel, Renaud, OUT, Jungle Beanz,  Maxime Leroux,  Martial Solal, Niki Mono, Philippe Servain, Kim Rise, Rococo Rijsel Trio, Erik Truffaz, Sandy Simmons, Swing Gadgé, Cyrille Wambergue, William Schotte, Omar Yagoubi...

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